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About AID Resolutions

AID Resolutions provide in-person and online mediation and dispute resolution services when you need them the most. We understand that every person’s situation is unique and so we seek to provide flexible solutions to suit your specific needs and personal circumstances.

Mediation is an interactive, confidential and structured process. An independent, neutral third party (the mediator) assists disputing parties through the facilitation of open and constructive communication to reach mutually acceptable solutions between themselves.

Why Seek Mediation

Mediation is a quicker and more affordable alternative to formal court proceedings and here at All Inclusive Dispute Resolutions, we are committed to providing a safe, inclusive and welcoming space for all parties involved in the mediation. We endeavour to make everyone involved feel recognised and heard throughout the dispute resolution process. This ensures that both parties are given total peace of mind in their respective agreement moving forward.

At AID Resolutions, we seek to provide comprehensive, quality and solution-focused dispute resolution services to suit any dispute.  Our services include;

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our mediation services and find out how we can assist you in remedying a dispute and allow you to move on with your life.

Why Choose AID Resolutions for Mediation?

Calm Approach

We provide a calm, inclusive, and welcoming space for all parties to facilitate a successful mediation process. Through our extensive dispute resolution experience, you can feel confident knowing that you're in capable hands.

Personalised Service

Our experienced mediators provide tailored, attentive, professional and friendly service to help you move forward with your life. By working with us, both parties are able to achieve a resolution that they are both comfortable with, without having to worry about exorbitant legal costs.

Timely & Flexible Options

AID Resolutions puts you first and strives to respond to every client inquiry as quickly as possible. If you need online mediation, face-to-face mediation or telephone mediation, we can tailor our services to meet your specific needs.

Experienced & Certified

We are nationally accredited mediators and registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners (FDRP). With extensive experience in the field, we are also registered as part of the Australian Mediation Association to give you peace of mind.

Meet Our Mediators


Annemie Hamilton

Counsellor, FDRP, NMAS Mediator

With more than ten years of experience in family dispute resolution and mediation, Annemie Hamilton is a highly esteemed professional in the community. As a specialist in child consultancy, she is dedicated to bringing the voice of the child into family mediation. This sets her apart in her field of expertise. She makes sure that the child’s perspective is heard and considered when family mediation is taking place. Because of her extensive knowledge of family dynamics and child development, Annemie is able to provide innovative thinking and practical guidance, especially when it comes to reunification and mending strained relationships.

With decades of experience working in the early childhood field both locally and internationally, Annemie has a strong foundation and knows how to navigate the difficulties that come with family and youth counselling. She has experience working in corporate settings, private practices, and non-profit organisations. She approaches her work with compassion, and her abundance of practical experience helps individuals and families move forward and rediscover joy.

Annemie holds accreditation as a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner and is a nationally certified Mediator (NMAS). She is excellent at helping people and families resolve disputes. Her methodical and encouraging approach to conflict resolution enables parties to advance amicably, encouraging compromise and constructive adjustments. Drawing from her own personal life experiences, a strong educational foundation, and advanced knowledge, Annemie’s approach guarantees that each client receives individualised and efficient support.

Annemie is committed to supporting families through challenging times, working together to create a brighter, more harmonious future.

  • DIP. Professional Counsellor
  • National Accredited Mediator | NMAS
  • ACA Membership (member Australian Counselling Association)
  • Grad. DIP Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner | FDRP.
  • DIP. Early Childhood and Education
  • Xero Accredited Advisor

Shallice Cockram

As a registered and experienced Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner, Lawyer (QLD) and Chartered & Certified Practising Accountant (CA/ CPA) with many years of experience in the field, Shallice has been privileged to have worked all over the world. She has been helping people from different walks of life by delivering a well-rounded holistic approach to mediation for many years now.

Shallice understands that people want the freedom of being able to talk openly about their issues and discuss the impacts that these issues have had on their lives. In addition, she is also aware that companies wish to carry out negotiations on an even playing field.

She is passionate about the mediation services that she provides and believes that full and frank disclosure combined with earnest and respectful communication has the ability to effectively resolve disputes. Shallice strives to provide dispute resolution that helps keep a matter out of court and also maintains a meaningful relationship between the parties.

Shallice’s life motto – “Life brings experience and age brings wisdom. The more different we think we are, the more alike we become”.

Why appoint Annemie or Shallice as your mediator?

Our Dispute Resolution and Mediation Services

At AID Resolutions, we strive to provide you with a comfortable and supportive environment in which you can explore the challenges and disputes you are facing and work toward reaching an agreement. Call us today to discuss your mediation needs!

AID Resolutions’ Mediators provide an inclusive and respectful parental mediation service and co-parenting mediation services on the Gold Coast as well as online, nationwide.

AID Resolutions’ experienced mediators provide face-to-face and online inclusive and respectful family dispute resolution and mediation services. FDR is a practical way to assist families in reaching mutually acceptable agreements when a dispute or conflict exists. It is a favoured alternative to court proceedings to make decisions regarding family-related issues including children, separation, parenting & co-parenting arrangements.

Property and financial mediation enable the involved parties to fairly discuss and negotiate their particular financial disputes and property settlement issues with the aim of reaching an agreed resolution. It specifically assists people who wish to reach a mutual agreement regarding the allocation and division of financial assets and property following separation or divorce, without the need to attend court.

As an independent third party, we facilitate the resolution of commercial disputes as well as mediating conflicts and disputes within small businesses and workplaces. Our extensive experience enables disputing parties to identify and explore their issues, reach desirable outcomes and develop a practical plan in moving forward.

Our mediators support people in resolving neighbour disputes along with providing comprehensive community mediation services. We provide a safe & calm setting for both parties to fully explore their common dispute through the facilitation of constructive discussion and a structured dispute resolution process.

Benefits of Mediation

Mediation offers many benefits compared to going through the legal system. It provides you and the other party with the opportunity to resolve your particular dispute in a calm and conducive space and in a timely fashion. Whether it involves family disputes, property & financial matters, separation, small business or neighbours, you can avoid the formality and excessive legal costs associated with court proceedings.

AID Resolutions and Mediation services enable you to control the outcomes that impact your future so that you can start focusing on rebuilding your life. Some of the key benefits of mediation include;

Affordable & achieves faster resolution

Informal & flexible solution

Confidential & private process

Minimises stress & less intimidating

Makes you feel heard & empowered

Puts an end to the conflict

Helps protects families

Allows you to make a fresh start

Face-to-Face Mediation Services and Online Dispute Resolution

At AID Resolutions, we’re here for you every step of the way, offering private and confidential face-to-face mediation for Gold Coast & Brisbane based clients, as well as online mediation services nationwide.

By facilitating fair, informal & neutral dispute resolution, we assist all parties involved in reaching amicable agreements. Our online mediation service allows you to resolve disputes with ease, without the need for additional travel.

This gives parties who do not wish to be in the same room for their mediation or who live in different locations, an accessible, convenient, practical, and affordable alternative. From anywhere in Australia, you can carry out the mediation process from the comfort of your own home or desired location.

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