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Commercial Dispute Resolution & Small Business And Workplace Mediation

Commercial mediation, workplace dispute resolution and small business mediation involve assisting parties to resolve particular disputes relating to small and medium enterprises. This form of informal alternative dispute resolution follows a structured process in which the mediator acts as a neutral third party whilst supporting the involved parties to work towards a negotiated agreement where possible.

What is Commercial & Small Business Mediation?

A commercial or business dispute has the potential to spiral out of control, resulting in prolonged litigation without any guarantee of success, and poses a real possibility of extensive financial losses.

Mediation provides a confidential, private, safe and judgement-free forum in which to carry out constructive dialogue, high-level problem solving and properly raise any concerns and discuss the specific dispute/s at hand. Our team’s expert guidance and support enable both parties to iterate their desired outcomes and propose possible solutions that everyone feels comfortable with.

This specialist area of mediation covers a wide range of commercial, small business and workplace-related issues and disputes, including director and ownership disputes, commercial leasing concerns, building disputes, supplier & invoicing issues, commercial contractual disputes, negligence, construction, insurance and consumer & fair trading disputes.

As an experienced commercial dispute resolution, small business and workplace mediator, AID Resolutions is fully equipped to handle any conflict or dispute and diffuse discussion as needed throughout the mediation process. Your mediator will facilitate a structured and informed mediation to reach the most suitable resolution for all parties involved.

AID Resolutions Commercial Mediation Services, Workplace Conflict & Dispute Resolution for Small Businesses

As an independent third party, AID Resolutions mediators provide a structured process to facilitate commercial dispute resolution as well as effectively address conflicts within small businesses and workplaces. Our extensive experience allows disputing parties to properly identify and explore existing disputes and issues, supporting both parties in reaching desired outcomes and developing a practical plan for moving forward.

All Inclusive Dispute Resolutions’ mediation process assists individuals in resolving disputes in a commercial, small business or workplace setting, through the use of an independent, trained and qualified mediator. Conducting mediation prevents enduring a long drawn out court case, greatly reduces legal fees and allows all parties to reach a final settlement within a shorter time frame.

It is important to note that this is not a process designed to ‘uncover truths’, determine facts or highlight findings on exactly what happened, nor, do mediators make a ruling on who is right or wrong. In this case, a workplace investigation may need to be conducted beforehand if there are reasonable grounds to believe a workplace policy may have been breached.

You can turn to AID Resolutions for professional, supportive, timely, cost-effective, and efficient assistance in resolving conflicts and commercial disputes caused by co-directors, co-owners of your business or disputes with an external third party. We understand that resolving workplace conflict or commercial disputes is your main concern and priority, as it is ours.

Our primary goal at AID Resolutions is to achieve mutual agreements amongst its clients in the shortest amount of time possible in order to reduce ongoing stress for everyone involved. We strive to put an end to the conflict by providing comprehensive dispute resolution for commercial enterprises, small businesses, large scale companies and workplaces of any size.

AID Resolutions has the expertise to assist workplaces and small & large businesses and companies to resolve their disputes promptly and affordably, without the need to attend court. We can assist you in successfully and efficiently resolving conflict and commercial disputes with co-directors or co-owners of your company, or other external third parties, in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Why Choose Us for your Commercial Dispute Resolution, Small Business Dispute Mediation or Workplace Mediation?​

Here at AID Resolutions, our clients are our number one priority. Our dispute resolution and mediation services are always consistently delivered in a friendly, relaxed, yet professional manner. The AID Resolutions’ mediation process seeks to provide an affordable, timely and effective alternative to court as we assist in resolving conflict in a faster, more streamlined and cost-effective manner. We strive to help you achieve the resolution you are wanting, as efficiently and calmly as possible.

Our commercial dispute resolution and small business & workplace meditation services are here to help you move forward, no matter the dispute or size of your business. AID Resolutions’ understanding, attentive & highly skilled mediators offer a suitable and timely solution for dealing with and resolving corporate matters and workplace disputes, whether they are between your business, co-partners, fellow colleagues or with a third party.

Whether your issues relate to or will result in the dissolution of your business, you need to resolve a relationship in your workplace or you are facing an existing commercial issue, AID Resolutions’ business mediation services can help. As a qualified and experienced small business & workplace mediator, we will assist you in clearly identifying and isolating issues that are in dispute, promote and guide constructive discussion and assist you and the other party in working together to create a workable plan and agreeable future actions for moving forward.

AID Resolutions is a provider you can trust. Our team provides effective and transparent mediation for commercial disputes, small business disputes and workplace disputes and is wholeheartedly committed to supporting all involved parties in reaching a mutually accepted agreement. Contact our friendly team today to find out how we can help you!

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Mediation for Commercial Disputes

There are many reasons why businesses may find themselves in dispute and if this cannot be resolved between the parties themselves, mediation and commercial dispute resolution services are often sought to handle these. Commercial mediation is a voluntary, confidential and flexible form of alternative dispute resolution in which the mediator assists parties to work towards a negotiated settlement of their dispute as an unbiased adjudicator or third party. So that everyone involved is satisfied with the final agreement, the parties retain control over whether or not to settle and on what terms.

Unlike a judge, the mediator does not decide upon the commercial dispute case on its merits but instead, works to facilitate an agreement between the parties. It is the parties’ opinions, not the mediators, that matter.

The commercial mediation process is fully confidential and carried out without prejudice, providing a private forum in which the parties can gain a better understanding of each other’s concerns. This enables both parties to work through their disputes in a constructive manner so that they can fully explore potential options for a resolution.

One of the key advantages of successful commercial mediation is that business relations can be preserved, litigation can be avoided, and the parties can agree upon the proposed solutions between themselves, instead of having to attend court.

Some common types of commercial disputes that we handle include;

  • Small business partnership disputes
  • Business to business disputes
  • Business contract disputes
  • Family business disputes
  • Disputes between shareholders and directors
  • Construction disputes
  • Commercial building disputes
  • Fraud
  • IT disputes
  • Professional negligence
  • Commercial property disputes
  • Commercial rent disputes
  • Inheritance and probate disputes
  • Trust disputes
  • Disputes with public bodies

At AID Resolutions, we have extensive experience in effectively handling all types of business disputes and mediations. Get in touch today with us today to learn more.

Benefits of Commercial, Small Business & Workplace Mediation

There are many benefits in seeking mediation and alternative dispute resolution by a professional provider such as AID Resolutions. We can assist you in coming to a mutually acceptable solution for any commercial or business disputes or workplace conflicts that you may be dealing with.

Whether it’s business to business disputes, business partner disputes, commercial law disputes, family business disputes or a small business dispute, our team are here to help you take the first step towards reaching a resolution so that you can move on with your life.

By engaging in mediation, your communication, collaboration and understanding can be strengthened whilst allowing the involved parties to privately discuss their issues and disputes outside of the workplace setting. This form of dispute resolution also helps to ensure a quick and effective response, ultimately lessening the impact on the employees involved and reducing any adverse effects on the wider organisational culture.

By providing the very best in dispute resolution for small businesses and commercial enterprises, you can rest assured you are in safe hands with AID Resolutions. Some of the many benefits of workplace mediation and business dispute resolution include;


Quicker Alternative to Court

The commercial, small business and workplace dispute mediation process can be completed in a timely fashion (within a couple of weeks), which is far quicker than going through the legal system & attending court.


Informal & Flexible

Mediation is an informal yet structured process whereby the mediator acts as a supportive & neutral presence for both parties. Courts are more formal, intimidating and can be a lot more adversarial in nature.


Gives Parties Control

Mediation allows parties to actively participate in the process of reaching a mutual agreement, giving parties more control over the final outcome. Pursuing this avenue helps you avoid litigation whilst keeping commercial relations amicable.


Confidential & Private

Your commercial dispute resolution, small business or workplace mediation process is kept confidential and takes place in a private setting, whereas court proceedings are open to the public & kept on record.


Cost-Effective Solution

Mediation costs are significantly less than going through the court system and are a more affordable option to pursue.


Promotes Open Communication

Mediation for commercial disputes, small business disputes, and workplace mediation helps minimise stress for the participants and encourage mutual respect. The process helps promote understanding and direct communication between the parties, opening up pathways for solutions and mutual agreement to occur, whereas the court process can be more confronting and combative.

Allow AID Resolutions to guide and help you resolve the business-related and commercial matters in a way that preserves relationships and leaves all parties satisfied.

Small Business Mediation

When workplace disputes and conflict remain unresolved, the extensive costs to an organisation can be both financial, as well as reputational, causing irreparable damage to the company’s brand. The potential of business disputes and workplace conflict causing a widespread negative impact on productivity is also immense. Hence, the need for business dispute mediation and dispute resolution in the workplace is clear.

Whether your dispute is with a co-director or co-owner of your business, or with external third parties, we can assist you and your business to resolve conflict in a cost-effective and time-efficient way. Our mediation process will help you successfully and promptly identify and isolate issues that are in dispute and assist you to work together to create a workable plan and future actions for moving forward.

What is business mediation & workplace dispute resolution?

Business mediation and workplace dispute resolution are performed by a mediator who acts as a neutral and impartial third party. This form of alternative dispute resolution involves the parties being guided through a structured process that enables them to identify and explore issues and disputes that exist between them. The business dispute resolution process, communication and discussion are managed by the mediator, who will support, guide and empower the parties to devise potential options and proposed solutions to reach an agreement together.

This process offers parties a calm and conducive setting in which they can effectively shift away from a state of conflict, into a more constructive and positive form of communication, with the final goal of dispute resolution. Resolving the dispute during mediation will help save your business a lot of valuable time, save a great deal in legal costs, and avoid additional stress that is usually involved in the commercial litigation process. Instead, an alternative solution can be discovered, rather than enduring months of ongoing dispute.

AID Resolutions prides itself in making the mediation process as seamless and flexible as possible, with the provision of face-to-face, telephone and online services. Contact our expert team now!

Mediation in the workplace

AID Resolutions is a leading provider of effective workplace mediation services and commercial conflict management and dispute resolution both in-person and online. As your experienced workplace mediator, we work alongside the involved parties to facilitate constructive discussion regarding the current dispute/s at hand, with the end goal of reaching an agreed resolution.

Mediating conflict in the workplace is crucial in developing a harmonious and increasingly productive work environment whilst minimising negative impacts on the people that are involved and helping restore balance to the organisation as a whole. Workplace dispute mediation helps put an end to tension, ongoing anguish, unnecessary stress and conflict within the workplace setting.

Workplace mediation can help resolve different disputes and issues, including;

  • Harassment and bullying claims
  • Interpersonal conflict
  • Performance issues
  • Issues regarding communication methods & communication breakdowns
  • Conflict regarding leadership behaviours and differing work styles
  • Conflict relating to accountability and structure of roles and responsibilities

Our workplace mediators are specifically trained and qualified to deal with commercial, business disputes, playing an unbiased and independent role in the settlement and workplace dispute resolution process.

Our Commercial Mediation, Small Business & Workplace Dispute Resolution Process

Our commercial, small business and workplace mediation process follows a clearly defined structure and can be conveniently conducted in person, via telephone or online. At AID Resolutions, we aim to help you avoid unnecessary legal costs, spare you the lengthy court attendance, and streamline the process to resolution for both parties involved. AID Resolutions’ commercial dispute resolution and mediation sessions generally follow the steps outlined below:

Step 1

Mediator Introduction & Parties Opening Statement

The mediator will greet the involved parties, provide an overview of the process and make sure that everyone knows what to expect during the mediation. We will also ensure that all parties understand the role of the mediator during the dispute resolution phases.

Each person involved in the mediation will be asked to make an ‘opening statement’ about why they are at the mediation, as well as summarising the topics they wish to address.

Step 1

Step 2

Setting the Mediation Agenda

After each party’s opening statement is given, the mediator will present the issues and topics for discussion, which will form the mediation agenda. Your mediator then assists both parties in listing the order of discussion for these issues so everyone involved is heard equally.

Step 2

Step 3

Exploring Issues & Conducting Individual Meetings

This part of the mediation is aimed at exploring each of the main agenda items, ultimately assisting each party to gain a better understanding of the other’s perspective. In addition to facilitating the discussion, your mediator will assist both parties to consider alternative and practical options for resolving their dispute.

Each party will be given the opportunity to speak privately with the mediator. Separate sessions allow each party to speak freely and confidentially with the mediator about anything that they didn’t wish to discuss in an open joint session. The mediator will also assist parties in exploring and discussing any proposals to put to the other party or options for a mutual agreement where possible.

Step 3

Step 4

Negotiation and Reaching an Agreement

As the mediation progresses, the mediator will work with each party to suggest different options, with a view to reaching the best resolution. Depending on the situation, this may involve testing the practicality, feasibility and necessity of each one, as well as considering potential implications and outcomes in the case of non-agreement.

When parties reach an agreement on some or all of the items discussed during mediation, this will be documented in writing to reflect the formal terms reached. It is each party’s responsibility to ensure they’re aware of the legal implications of the decisions made. It is not the mediator’s role to provide advice to either party at any stage of the mediation process. It is also strongly advised to seek legal advice before agreeing to all or some of the items included in the proposed agreement.

Step 4

Face-to-Face & Online Workplace Dispute Resolution, Small Business & Commercial Mediation Services

At AID Resolutions, we’re here for you every step of the way, offering private and confidential face-to-face mediation for Gold Coast & Brisbane based clients, as well as online mediation services nationwide.

By facilitating fair, informal & neutral dispute resolution and mediation services, we assist all parties involved in reaching amicable and enduring agreements. Our online mediation service is a convenient solution that allows you to resolve disputes with ease, without the need for additional travel.

We make mediation simple and easy, providing people with the opportunity to engage in an accessible, practical, and affordable alternative to court for those who do not wish to be in the same room for their mediation or who live in different locations. You can mediate from the comfort of your own home or desired location from anywhere in Australia.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are a variety of types of mediation, the main difference between them being the participation of the mediator in the decision made. In facilitative mediation, the mediator encourages the parties to determine their own solution to the issues in dispute. In evaluative mediation, the mediator assists the parties to assess the legal merits of their position and in determining just and equitable outcomes.

For the Mediation Agreement to be legally binding, the Mediation Agreement needs to state that the parties intend that the Mediation Agreement to be legally binding between the parties.

Mediation in Australia costs $550 per party for a 4 hour mediation session. Considering legal fees can start at a minimum of $300 per hour, and $5,000 per day for a barrister, mediation provides an extremely cost effective alternative.

Business disputes may be resolved by litigation in court. However, the Parties may choose an alternative dispute resolution process such as mediation. Commercial contracts may also contain provisions that mediation is attempted to resolve disputes before litigation is commenced.

Facilitated discussion between the parties in dispute will be provided by a mediator, in order to resolve identified issues and repair affected relationships.

A neutral mediator facilitates a discussion between the parties in dispute. Mediation provides the parties an opportunity to settle the dispute inhouse in a confidential setting. Workplace relationships can be strengthened where communication is entered into which will remain confidential to the discussion. The mediation culminates in a written agreement detailing the way forward for each party.